In My Past I Could Never Find

In my past I could never find,
The love I have found within you,
The sunshine I have seen in your eyes,
The undying love that’s in your heart,
The closeness that I feel whenever I am with you,
In my past I could never find,
The dreams come true within you,
I had to deal with the shows others would put on,
Believing that they were the one for me,
But being let down time and time again,
But than you came around,
Turned things upside down,
And I’ve found more than I’ve ever looked for,
In my past I could never find,
The sunlight like I see in your eyes,
I am bathed into your love,
Ever so deeply and sweet,
I know that someday we will be
Man and wife,
We will take those vows of ever lasting love,
In the past I could never find,
What I found so easily with you,
The love,
The dreams,
The hope,
The faith,
Of our love.
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