You Are My World

As we walk through the large meadow,
Together as the happy couple,
We walk together hand-in-hand through the bright starry night,
As we watch the moonlight above us,
All I can see is your eyes,
We have gone through so much,
We both gone through so much pain,
But we are here working it out,
I will never let you go,
I know people might not understand,
But they do not see what I see,
You are my lover,
You are my friend,
You are my boyfriend,
You are so much to me,
As we are strolling through the darkness,
We hold each other close,
We put our arms around each other,
When you look at us we look as one,
We hold on strong,
No matter what the world may throw at us,
We are meant to be,
We will always be,
We are forever,
We are dreams come true,
We walk through the meadow,
Holding each other’s hands,
Looking into each other’s eyes,
And just knowing,
Knowing that our love will stand through,
The very tests of all time,
We hold each other close,
We kiss each other softly,
And we look into each other’s eyes,
Knowing that this love,
This emotion,
This dream,
Will be forever,
That nothing will break us,
We will last through it all,
We walk through the meadow,
And we kiss and touch,
Every single inch of our bodies,
Entwining tighter,
And tighter,
This connection grows,
Becoming stronger and stronger,
And we will last,
Last forever,
Until the end of all time.
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