Talking To You

When I talked to you,
My heart skipped a thousand beats,
As it raced thinking about you,
I never stopped loving,
I never stopped missing,
You had stayed in my mind,
Your image was always there,
No matter what,
Because I never got over you,
I could not leave you behind like I have done,
Before to many others before you,
Something about you,
Something about how you are,
Stayed in my mind,
Stayed in my heart,
Stayed in my soul,
When I talked to you,
I felt magic again,
I felt dreams returning,
I felt everything like it was yesterday,
From the first time I talked to you,
The first time I listened to your voice,
When I talk to you,
Everything in my world seems to slow,
And all I have is the thoughts,
The thoughts of you and me,
What am I to do now my darling?
Do you still want me?
Do you still care?
Do you love me?
Do you still?
I never wanted to hurt you,
I never wanted to leave you,
I thought you were gone,
Gone from my life forever,
But now that you are here,
Now that you are with me?
Here back in my life,
All my world is upside down,
And I cannot stop thinking,
I cannot stop wanting you,
I cannot stop wishing for you,
I love you my darling,
I love you with all my heart,
I love you so much,
You are everything,
And all I want is us together again,
When I talk to you,
My heart beats quickly,
My breathe slows,
And I am taken back,
To when you dedicated that song,
To when you kissed me,
When you were here,
With me.
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