The Voice On The Wire

I know that voice,
The one that is on the wire
The one that four years ago,
Caused me pain and heartache,
The one that I had to let go,
I felt you were not ready,
Ready for that great moment,
You let me go than,
But we stayed the closest of friends,
Than I went through my times,
And you went through yours,
You finally lived on your own,
And I did get married,
But than moments changed again,
I was ambitious to have a love,
To be married,
And than all I got were tears at the end,
And than just when I thought
The feelings were gone,
You came back into my life,
You always seemed to know,
You found a way to make me smile,
If it is one thing,
It was that you were never shy
On telling me that you loved me,
And now you tell me,
That you are coming here,
That you are coming to see me,
I don’t know how to feel,
It’s been over four years,
Since I last saw your face,
Since I last held you in my arms,
Since I last cried
As I left you,
To come back home,
And now you tell me you are coming,
You are coming to see me,
You are taking a break from your life,
And you want to see me,
You want me to see you while you are here,
You want to see me again,
Will those old feelings surface even more?
Will those old emotions come to being?
When I see you will it all come back?
Yes, I know that voice on the wire,
The one that told me I love you,
The one that wanted to marry me,
The one that would marry me now,
The one that said he’s still in love with me,
Even through all these years,
Even though you haven’t seen me,
Or seen my face in the flesh,
You still think of me,
You still want me,
Yes, I know that voice on the wire,
The one that is coming,
Coming to see me,
Coming to be with me,
Even for a short period of time,
Wondering probably perhaps the same,
Will those old feelings surface,
Will those old emotions come,
Will that love come again,
Come again in this life.
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