Have You Ever Yearned

Have you ever yearned for something?
Have you ever wanted someone so much?
Have you ever wished they were near?
Have you ever just wanted,
The vastness that seemed to be,
To just disappear into the deep endless sky?
Have you ever wondered if there was ever,
A true choice in life?
Have you ever just wanted for things to change?
To just have things easier than what you were given?
Have you just ever yearned,
Yearned for a love so much you would do anything,
Anything in the world just to have it,
You would walk to the end of the world,
You would become so biased into the feeling,
That you wouldn’t see anything else,
That you wouldn’t want to see anything else,
Feel anything else,
Just be in that moment,
That moment with that person,
Have you ever cried a thousand tears?
Until you felt like you couldn’t cry anymore?
Just because of how much you love someone,
But knew that they could never be yours?
Have you ever lost someone and yearned for them back?
That you would turn the whole world upside down,
Just to have them in your life again?
Have you ever just needed,
Needed the words of reassurance so bad,
So bad that you would give anything,
Anything to have those words,
That everything will be alright
When you think everything else is lost?
Have you ever really yearned,
Yearned so much your hearts desire,
Just to feel like the world has turned against you,
That you could never have what you want?
That you could never have that moment,
Just that one moment,
The one moment that could change,
Change the whole world around you?
Have you ever yearned?
Yearned for just that one person,
The one person to lift you up,
Lift you to a place you have never been,
A place you always wanted to be,
A place of full love and understanding,
A place of hope,
A place of everlasting love,
Have you ever yearned?
Yearned for me as I have you?
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