Changes In The Wind

Where did everything go wrong?
When did everything go crazy?
When did spring become autumn?
When did the singing end?
When did the bitterness come?
I am confused,
I am hurt,
I don’t know why,
I don’t know why now,
Just when I thought I found the answers,
Everything changes again,
Just when I thought I found a good beginning,
I see an end approaching,
Just when everything seemed to fall into place,
I feel the rug being pulled from me,
Why did you have to change?
Why did you have to push me away?
Why did you have to make me feel,
Feel that you didn’t love me?
Feel that you didn’t care for me?
Feel that I didn’t matter in your life,
You have gone and made it clear,
I have seemed to wear out my time with you,
Something has changed,
Something is not the same,
You and I are not the same,
And I don’t think we can regain it,
Regain what has been lost,
But I just wonder,
Wonder where did it all go wrong?
Wonder when it went crazy,
Wonder when this disappeared,
This emotion,
Just when I thought I had us figured out,
I find myself here,
I find myself wanting to go,
Find myself wanting to move on,
Looking for something better,
Looking for something to hold onto,
You did change my life,
You gave me hope again,
But now our time has seemed to pass,
I cannot lie to my heart,
Or to my soul,
This feeling is not fleeting,
There is change in the wind,
It is time,
Time to go.
Time to move on,
Move onto where the winds
Will take me next.
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