Back On Track

When moments go insane,
Instead of moments of clarity,
When dreams are shades of grey,
Instead of shades of beauty,
When days seem to drag forever,
And everything seems depressing,
There is a moment,
There are those thoughts,
That help you get through,
Get through those hard times,
To get through those moments,
To get through those hard dreams,
Just put your faith in Him,
Just put your strength in His Word,
And you will get back there,
Get back on track,
Get through those moments of insanity,
Get through those shades of grey dreams,
When the days seem grey,
And the sunshine doesn’t seem to fill you,
When time feels everlasting,
And there is no breathing room,
That is the time,
That is the moment,
That is the perfect opportunity,
To put your faith in Him,
To put your strength in His Word,
To find a way to get back,
Back on track,
There are always going to be those days,
Always be those moments,
And we might feel the pull,
The pull to go away from Him,
Away from His Word,
His guidance,
His commandments,
Everything that is important for our lives,
Just remember that once you were saved,
Once you accepted Him,
That although life will pull us on occasion,
That times we will fall,
At times there will be weakness,
But always know there is a way,
There is always the ability,
To find the way back,
Back on track,
And that makes the difference,
And it gives you hope,
Even through those darker days.
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