Forgiving you,
Forgiving me,
Forgiving what has happened,
What has gone on,
What expired,
Through the many years,
We both caused each other pain,
We both caused each other rain,
But now things have truly changed,
And although it has been hard,
And although there were times I didn’t know,
If there was truly a way to forgive,
Forgive the pain,
Forgive the rain,
Forgive the hurt,
Forgive all the times I cried,
Cried since that moment,
Cried since that time,
Knowing that there was hurt on both sides,
Knowing that I wasn’t totally blameless,
Through everything,
Forgiving you,
Forgiving me,
Walking through that path,
Through God’s grace,
Praying along the way,
Knowing that this is the first step,
That it’s in God’s hands now,
Learned that I truly needed to allow,
Allow it to be,
To find that forgiveness,
The forgiveness we both need,
Forgiving you,
Forgiving me,
Finding that way,
Finding the time,
Knowing the truth,
That this is the true path,
As long as I believe,
As long as I ask Him,
To find a way to forgive,
To let it flow through my life,
Forgiving you,
Forgiving me,
Finding the end,
That is meant to be.
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