Perfection Is A Thief

Perfection is a thief,
We focus on trying to be perfect,
Never remembering,
Never seeing,
The truth that is there,
That we are going to fail,
That there is never true perfection,
That perfection was lost so many ages ago,
And instead of looking to what we have,
And what we can achieve,
We keep on the focus,
We keep on going,
Toward an unattainable hope,
An unattainable belief,
Instead of focusing on those things,
Those things that really matter,
We try to be perfect,
Perfect in things that shouldn’t matter,
Things that fade away,
At the end of the day,
When we are called home,
Home to be with Him,
If we are lucky,
And we are saved,
Than what does it matter?
Perfection is a thief,
A thief of valuable energy,
Valuable moments that could be spent,
On more important things,
Than trying to have the perfect size,
The perfect hair,
The perfect smile,
The perfect body,
Things that cannot exist,
We all will go through tough times,
Things that can either break us,
Or strength us,
Can help test us,
Can help mold us,
Give us something better,
Make us even more like Him,
And that is what is more important,
Than trying to go after that perfection,
At least those things that do not matter,
Focus instead of those things that matter,
Stop forgetting what truly is important,
So stop,
Take a moment,
Let it all soak in,
And remember,
Remember Him,
Remember the way,
And focus on that,
And not the perfection,
Not the perfection the world tries to sell,
Because trying to keep going,
To keep onto buying that perfection,
Will end up being a thief,
A thief of your moments,
Your time,
Your true potential,
Your true beauty,
Of what can be,
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