My Heart

Come reside in a place,
In a place filled with love,
Come join me here,
Sit by my side,
Come to my heart,
Come find beauty,
Come find love,
Come find joy,
Come find dreams,
Come find everything
You have been searching for,
Even if you knew it or not,
Find the key,
Open the door,
Come on inside,
I want to love you always,
I want to love you forever,
You are always in my dreams,
You are always in my mind,
You are always in my soul,
Every single part of me,
Every single portion that I am,
Believes in us,
Believes in our dreams,
Believes we will get through it,
All the good,
All the bad,
All the in between,
So come on inside,
Take residence here,
I belong to you,
I always have,
From that first moment,
To every moment in between,
Even through the rough patches,
I love you,
Come reside in the place,
Come reside in this,
That I love you,
That I want to be yours forever,
This place,
This piece of me,
Holds you close,
Holds you tight,
Holds you with every piece,
Every piece of me,
So come on inside,
Open that door,
Hold me close,
Hold me tight,
Hold on,
For the rest of our lives.
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