Nothing Can Contain

There is nothing that can contain this,
Nothing can contain this love of mine,
Nothing that can stop it,
Nothing can even come close,
Nothing will hold me back,
Nothing will hold me back long,
Nothing can stop me,
Nothing will win,
When I am determined,
When the emotions of this heart is strong,
When the emotions of these dreams scream,
Scream where everyone can hear,
Scream where everyone cannot help but listen,
That is when you will know,
That is when you will see,
That nothing can stop,
Nothing can contain,
Nothing can contain this emotion,
This heart,
This dream,
This emotion,
I don’t care what I have to go through,
I don’t care what I have to deal with,
I say bring it on,
Bring it on,
Because I will not let anything stop me,
I will not let anything stop this emotion,
I will not let anything contain me,
Because I will fight,
I will fight to the end,
I will fight every day,
Every moment,
Every second,
Because I believe,
I believe in love,
I believe in hope,
I believe in joy,
I believe there is a rainbow,
I believe there is beauty,
I believe in moments true,
I keep on believing,
I keep on trusting,
Because that is how I am,
This is who I am,
I believe in these things,
Even through the hardships,
Even through the gray times oh so true,
Oh so real,
I keep on going,
Because nothing is going to contain,
Nothing is going to contain this emotion,
This heart,
These dreams,
The joy in my heart,
I will keep on going,
Keep on touching,
Keep on believing,
Because I know it will come back,
Come to me again,
Because as I have a down moment,
A down time,
I have those up times,
That up moment,
That belief,
Through it all,
That nothing can contain,
Can stop my heart,
Can stop my heart from beating,
From believing,
From loving you.
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