As I Was Saying

As I was saying all I want is you,
As I was trying to tell you,
That this love is real,
That this hope is real,
That this desire is real,
That this feeling is real,
That this emotion is real,
That this moment is real,
That I am real,
As I was saying is look at me,
Tell me,
Show me,
Believe in me,
Give me something more,
Don’t just tease,
Don’t just sit there,
Don’t just let time pass you by,
Show me what lies within,
Show me what’s in the depth of your heart,
Give me what I desire,
What I need,
What I crave,
Without the excuse,
Without saying this,
Or saying that,
Just try,
Mistakes happen,
I don’t expect perfection,
I just want to know,
Want to feel
Want to believe,
Want to have this,
As I was saying my dear darling,
That I love you,
You are my everything,
But I need something my darling,
I need to know I am not alone,
In this relationship,
In this love,
In us,
Even if it hasn’t been that long,
I need the words,
I need the feeling,
More than just once in awhile,
More than just here and there,
Every day,
Every moment,
Every time that you can,
Because life is ever changing,
You never know what can come,
You never know what will be,
Just got to keep on living,
Each moment to the fullest,
And part of that is when you are in love,
When you are with someone,
To tell them,
To show them,
To give them all you have,
So they know without a shadow of a doubt,
That your love,
Your heart,
Your being,
It belongs to them,
Is a part of them,
Forever more.
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