Letting The Words Flow

Most of the time I rather let them flow,
Let the words lead where they wish,
Without a form,
Without a care,
Just let them spring out,
Spring out from my mind,
My heart,
My soul,
Through the good,
Through the bad,
Through the times in between,
To touch where it needs to be touched,
To bring joy when hardship comes,
To bring happiness where there is sadness,
To bring every emotion needed,
This is why I let it flow,
Let the words come where they lead,
Come to where they settle,
To come and play,
To bring beauty,
In such a hard world,
To bring light,
Where there is darkness,
To bring hope,
When all seems to be lost,
For all these reasons,
I let them flow,
Let them be,
Let them go across,
Take nothing for granted,
Give them to the world,
Take nothing back,
Just let them go,
Many people do not have the gift,
Many people do not give it a chance,
Many people don’t believe,
And many people don’t let them have a freedom,
To just dance upon the page,
Let the emotions out,
Let the thoughts out,
Let it go,
To that world,
That crazy ever changing world,
And this is why,
I let them flow,
Don’t make them contrast,
Don’t make them have to take a form,
Just let them be,
Let them go out to that world,
Dance on that page,
Make it into the world,
The way they want to be.
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