We Need To Take A Stand

Everywhere I turn so many people,
So many things being taken for granted,
Holidays that is supposed to be special,
Are being taken for granted,
Materialism at its best,
Where did it all go?
Where did the true purpose go?
Where did the lessons from the past,
The things we worked so hard,
The things that was the basis,
Of our lives come down to?
We put ourselves first,
We put material things first,
Instead of what it’s supposed to be,
We put anything but God first,
We don’t understand,
We don’t see,
What we are doing,
We don’t see what we are ignoring,
We don’t see what we are turning away from,
We don’t see,
We don’t see farther than our face,
Farther than the latest gadget to get,
A newer TV,
A newer car,
A newer game system,
Since when did just buying gifts become important?
Since when did we care about just ourselves?
Homeless people are on the street,
There are kids without enough to eat,
Kids who go without day in,
And day out,
Kids that would give anything to even have something new,
Have something to even call their own,
There are families less fortunate,
That can be a part of our own,
But it seems that the spirit is not there,
It’s all about what they can get,
What they can receive,
A me attitude,
Wrapping up happiness,
In things that don’t last,
We need to take a stand,
We need to take a stand right now,
Say we are not going to do this,
We are not going to live that way,
We are going to change,
We are going to make a difference,
Even if it is something small,
Such as a small smile,
Put away those things,
Those things that don’t matter,
Life is short,
Life does not last,
But the actions we make,
The actions we take,
The walk we go on,
The walk we choose,
That is what is going to matter,
That is what is going to last,
All those things they don’t last,
But love,
Those things that can’t be replaced,
Those are the beautiful things,
The things to remember,
To take that stand,
Take that moment,
Even if it is something small,
Make that difference,
Refuse to let others stop you,
And be that light,
That so many people need.
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