Run Away

Come my darling,
Come to me now,
Fly with me,
Run with me,
Run away,
Take that moment,
Take that chance,
Just come,
Don’t think about it,
Don’t think about anything,
Just run,
Run away,
From all that restricts you,
From all that holds you back,
From everything that isn’t me,
Run away,
Run away my darling,
I need you so much,
Want you so much,
Love you so much,
Every portion,
Every part,
Every emotion,
It carries,
It screams,
It wants,
It needs,
This love,
This emotion,
This everything,
Run away,
Run away with me my darling,
Just grab my hand,
Hold on tight,
Don’t let go,
Love me,
Hold me,
Just be,
And run away,
Run away from everything,
Run away and come,
Come home to me.
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