Purge everything from within,
Everything from the past,
Everything from today,
Everything that is in your mind,
Everything that is in your soul,
Everything that is in your heart,
Start anew,
Purge it all,
Purge all the hurt,
All the pain,
Purge the darkness,
That has held onto you so long,
Let it all go,
Let it all go,
Don’t hold back,
Don’t think about it,
Don’t worry about it,
Just let it go,
Let it go,
Let everything that has happened,
Just come undone,
Empty your heart,
Empty your soul,
Let it go,
Lose a portion of your control,
Sometimes one has to break,
One has to fully fall,
One has to fully fall apart,
To heal again,
Purge it all,
Don’t hold a piece back,
Don’t forfeit this,
Just let it go,
Let it be,
Lose the control,
And purge,
Purge it all,
Until it is all gone,
Until you can build,
Build again,
Build from those ashes,
Build from those moments,
And find the solstice you have,
Have been searching for,
For so long.
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