Somewhere In My Heart

Somewhere in my heart I’m always with you,
Somewhere in my dreams,
Somewhere in the depth of my soul,
Somewhere in what is reality,
What is a dream,
What is life,
I am always with you,
You are in the very depth,
The very inner most part,
The very inner being,
The very inner heart,
That lies within me,
I cannot help it,
I cannot deny it,
Even through all this time,
Even through all the years,
Even through all the moments,
The moments of black,
The moments of dark,
You have always been in my heart,
You have always been in my soul,
You have always been a part of my dreams,
Somewhere in my heart I’m always with you,
Always there,
Always believing,
Always standing with you,
Always standing by your side,
I will always be here,
Will always care,
Will always love you,
Will never stop,
Because I cannot stop,
I cannot deny,
I cannot end the emotions,
They lie within,
They lie within the very depth,
That is me,
And I know for the rest of my life,
That somewhere in my heart,
Somewhere in the depth,
Even if it is hidden at times,
I’m always with you,
Loving you,
Caring for you,
Wanting you,
Needing you,
Wishing for you,
And I know within your heart,
Within your soul,
Within your beauty,
That I lie within a place,
Somewhere in your heart.
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