You Are My Light Inside My Soul

You are my light inside my soul,
You are my brightness that lies within
You are my beauty of dreams,
You are my ray of sunshine,
You are my light that burns through,
Burns through the clouds,
The pain,
The darkness,
The rain,
The hurt,
I hear your voice calling,
Calling out to me,
Telling me you love me,
Telling me you are still there,
Telling me you still care,
Telling me that you still believe,
Believe I am the one for you,
Believe we are meant to be,
Believe our eternity,
You are my light inside my soul,
You are my true calling,
The one that has been waiting,
Waiting ever so patiently,
You have been standing there,
Watching me,
Time and time again,
For me to see,
To see that you were there,
There waiting for me,
Wanting me,
Wanting to grab onto me,
Hold on tight,
Never let go,
You are my light inside my soul,
You are my love,
My life,
My forever,
My eternity,
My always,
And I want you back,
And I want you home,
And I want you in my arms,
Where you and I,
Can hold onto each other,
Hold onto one another,
Hold on forever,
And just be with each other,
Be with one another,
Feel that love,
Feel that passion,
Feel everything within,
You are my light inside my soul,
You are what makes me whole,
You are what calms my heart,
And calms my soul,
And I love you my darling,
Love you full,
Love you true,
For always,
For eternity.
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