Happy Valentine's Day To My Wonderful Troy

Happy Valentine’s Day to my wonderful Troy,
Even with your silly indecisiveness,
You mean the world to me,
You always can make me laugh,
Even when I want to cry,
You always find a way,
To bring the smile to my face,
Even when I am having a rough day,
I know that my heart belongs to you,
It has since the day I met you,
There was no chance,
It didn’t take a second glance,
I knew it was true,
From that first moment,
I said I love you,
It has taken you longer,
But I knew in time,
That our hearts would combine,
That we are meant to be,
You would see it too,
You would see that I am the one,
The one for you,
That we are meant to be together,
To be man and wife,
To be forever,
Until death do us part,
Happy Valentine’s Day to my wonderful Troy,
My amazing,
But also a good listener,
Someone I can count on,
Someone I know is there for me,
Someone who does love me,
Even if you don’t always say it,
When I look into your eyes,
I just know,
I love you my darling,
Through everything,
For today,
For yesterday,
For tomorrow,
And all the days,
That we have on this earth,
Happy Valentine’s Day my darling,
I love you,
Know these words,
Know I speak them true,
And I am glad I have found you,
And you have found me,
I know God put us together,
And that we are meant to be,
And that we are in each other’s lives,
For a reason,
And I am always grateful,
To know you are mine.
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