I Won't Be Coming Home

I won’t be coming home my dear,
I won’t be seeing your lovely face,
The water has washed me away,
It has taken me from you,
The earth shook violently,
I wanted to be there,
To hold you in my embrace,
But alas it has taken me,
Taken me from you,
From our friends,
From our family,
Tell the kids I love them,
Tell my sister she has always been the best,
Tell my mother that I adore her,
And that she was always the best,
Tell my dad I looked up at him,
And that he was the reason,
Why I worked so hard,
I know that the tears will be for awhile,
That you will feel hurt for a long time,
I know it will never be the same,
I won’t be coming home my dear,
I won’t be seeing your handsome face,
The earth took me away,
Before I could say anything,
Before I was able to say goodbye,
Before I could tell you,
I love you,
One more time,
Just know that I do,
I will always love you,
Even if you cannot see my face,
Or be able to hold me,
Into your embrace,
But always know this to be true,
That although I won’t be coming home,
I will always be alive,
In your heart,
In your mind,
In your soul,
In our children,
In our community,
Forever more,
But even though I am not scared,
I know that I will see you again,
It still is hard to know,
That I won’t be coming home.

Dedicated to all those affected by the recent Japan Earthquake. Personal Note: Also Poem Number 900.
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