Turn Around

Turn around and look at me,
Turn around and look into my eyes,
Turn around my lover,
And see what is in my eyes,
See what is in my soul,
Know what lies in deep,
Deep inside my heart,
Deep inside my soul,
Turn around and hold me,
Hold me until the very end,
The very end of our days,
Here on this earth,
I love you my darling,
I love you true,
I love you with every breathe,
With every single moment,
From the moment I saw you,
From the moment I looked into your eyes,
Through the good times,
Through the bad times too,
Through every single moment,
From the ones of happiness,
And the day of I do,
To the ones of hardship,
When everything might seem against us,
And people do not see,
What we see when we are together,
When we are the ones going through,
Those emotions,
Those hardships,
Those problems,
Together hand in hand,
Turn around and look at me,
Straight into my eyes,
Straight into my soul,
Straight into my being,
Place your hands in mine,
Look out to that crowd,
Look out to the world,
Look out and vow,
That you will be there,
For me through thick,
Through thin,
Through every moment,
Through every day,
That you will love me,
Honor me,
Have faith in me,
Believe in me,
To be faithful to me,
To cherish me,
To be there for me,
In sickness,
And in health,
For better,
For worse,
For richer,
For poorer,
Until the end,
Turn around my darling,
Say those words to me,
And I will say them to you,
And I will pledge,
Along with your pledge,
To be the one,
To be yours,
To be your forever,
Until the end of our days.
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