It's Been A Road Of Adventure

It’s been a long road,
Filled with its ebbs and flows,
Filled with hope and despair,
Filled with love lost,
Filled with love gained,
Filled with hardships,
Filled with losing close friends,
Filled with never knowing why certain people,
Just vanished without a word,
Just like smoke,
It’s been a long journey,
Even though I have many years left,
Even though I still have so much more,
To go through,
Through the hardships of a disease,
That can plague the depth,
If I let it win,
There was many times of darkness,
But brightness has taken over,
As my light continues to shine,
Through this difficult world,
It’s been a tiring road,
Trying to be light to darkness,
To keep going through,
To win over the nay sayer,
To find my way,
Find my way to here,
It’s been a wonderful road,
The last portion I have traveled,
Finding Him,
Accepting Him,
Believing in Him,
Finding my love,
The one I will call my own,
To the end,
It’s been a faith building road,
Through the trails,
Through the tribulations,
Honored by His Grace,
Blessed by finding His Love,
Blessed by finding my Troy,
Blessed in so many ways,
Having many wonderful friends,
It’s been a life changing road,
Changing my life,
Changing my vision,
Changing so much,
Making me better,
Making me stronger,
Making me whole,
Through Him,
By Him,
In Glory,
It’s been a road of adventure,
Through many twists and turns,
Through dark days and light,
Through wrong and right,
Through good and bad,
Through hardships and blessings,
Through every moment,
But I stand,
I stand firm,
At this place,
Where I am,
Of what got me here.
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