Rules Are

Rules are meant to be broken,
Some are meant to be kept,
But when your heart is telling you,
That this is truly it,
That this is what you been searching for,
And others just don’t understand,
Sometimes one has to just let it all go,
And go guiding by your Heart,
And your head,
Keeping Him in the picture,
Helps as well,
But some things in life,
Some things are worth,
Certain rules,
Some rules seem silly,
Some truly help you through,
Whatever it is,
Let it speak to you,
Rules are meant to be broken,
When it comes to love,
Don’t always go by what is spoken,
Sometimes one proves everyone else wrong,
There are always us dreamers,
With faith and hope too,
That true love is still out there,
That it is still out to strive for,
And that is why,
Rules are meant to be broken,
As many would see today,
That it seems to be a common rule,
Or something to only find,
What is pleasure for the day,
But us romantics,
Us dreamers,
Us believers,
We see the truth,
That true love,
Everlasting love,
That love that is ordained,
To be forever,
Until the very last day,
Of your breathe,
People today don’t always,
Seem to understand,
The true rule,
Instead they make up things,
As they go along,
And people get hurt along the way,
But that doesn’t have to be,
Take a stand,
Stand for the truth,
Break the society rule,
And break that rule,
Along your journey,
Along your way,
And find the love,
That is meant for you.
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