Our Life's Purpose

April PAD Challenge Day 3- Imaging a world without you.

The rain would still fall down,
Upon all of us,
Spring would still bring blooms,
Summer would still bring warmth and barbecues,
Fall would bring the changing leaves,
Winter would bring the cold and sometimes snow,
Life would keep on going,
Even if I was not a part of the world,
But my friends would not be the same,
As they are now,
There wouldn’t be this voice,
That speaks within the night,
That plays with words,
Intertwines them so magically,
Giving hope to others,
Through this life,
Other families would still exist,
Love would still be a part of the world,
And troubles too,
But it wouldn’t be the same,
For those that count on the blessings,
That is given to them through this life,
I may only be one person,
I might not always make a huge impact,
But I do matter,
As every one of us have a purpose,
Even when we don’t always see,
We might not always know,
Until we trust in Thee,
And although life would keep going,
Even if I never was a part,
These words would never be spoken,
These words might have not got to touch your heart,
They might have not changed your view,
To see what life can become,
When we believe in Him,
When we trust in Him,
When we see the greatness,
Of His grace,
To find what has been missing,
For so long,
And to know that He loves you,
And has plans for you,
And wants you to be apart,
So even when life has you down,
Just look up,
Reach out to Him,
And you will find what has been hidden,
What your life purpose is,
And you will be changed,
Forever more.
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