To My Fellow Writers

To my fellow writers,
My fellow dreamers,
That paint worlds with words,
That lives for the written word,
That finds joy in a character’s triumphs,
That finds pain when a character deals with hardship,
That finds hope within things hard to grasp,
Or to understand,
For believing in yourself,
Even when others do not,
To keep following that dream,
Knowing that you are on the path,
You have been made for,
For so long,
For understanding,
Those things are not always beautiful,
But that one tries through words,
And expressions to find that beauty,
That lies within all of us,
To my fellow writers,
Remember that there are many,
That has the dream such as you,
Support one another,
Care for each other,
Desire to help those,
That comes onto the path after you,
That some do not have the luck,
As some of us have,
To have someone to inspire,
To believe,
To give encouragement,
To know,
To remember,
How it feels being there,
To my fellow writers,
Never give up,
Even through the dark moments,
Even when someone doesn’t see,
Your vision,
Your words,
Your hope,
Your faith,
Into the words,
That you give out to the world,
Give out to others,
To show,
To care,
To give light,
Whenever one can,
Just remember that,
Just keep on weaving,
Those words.
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