Can We Ever Let It End

Can we ever let it end?
Can we ever just let go?
Can we ever just realize?
That this is not the right path,
This is not the right place,
For us to be on?
We trend so fast,
We trend so quick,
We don’t just stand,
And take a look,
Instead we get too busy,
Thinking of this moment,
Thinking of that moment,
We never let it go,
We never let it rest,
We have to insist,
That our way is right,
But we don’t really see,
How lost we really are,
And we don’t really see,
How much pain we are in,
We just keep on going,
Believing this,
Believing that,
Thinking peace can be won,
Thinking peace just is,
We just don’t stop,
We don’t want to give the life,
To someone else,
We think we always know,
The answers,
We think we always know,
Where the light is,
But instead we keep on stumbling,
But instead we keep on forgetting,
But instead we are too blind,
Too absorbed,
Too untrusting to see,
The truth,
The light,
The belief,
The answers,
We never let it end,
We just keep on wanting to believe,
Wanting to believe anything,
Anything but the truth,
Believe in the lies,
Believe in the deceit,
Believe anything,
Anything but the truth,
Can we ever let it end?
Just stop trying to fight,
Fight the truth,
Fight the light?
Fight the hope?
Fight the dreams,
We have been searching for?
Can we just let it go?
Let go everything we ever thought?
Ever believed?
Ever imagined?
And just be?
Just be what we need to be,
Be what we are suppose to be,
Be the beacon,
Be the light,
For all those lost,
Lost like we are,
Lost like we don’t want to be,
Lost because we need a reminder,
Because we need the truth,
That we need to trust,
Need to believe,
Need to lean,
On something more than ourselves,
Realize we need to give out love,
Give out hope,
Give out belief,
See more than just us,
See there are others,
That needs this,
Need this faith,
Need this hope,
Need the belief,
Need the hope,
We need to stand,
And let it end.
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