No Need For Second Thoughts

My mind has wanted to go this way,
And I have made it go that way,
I thought my path lead one way,
But God showed me it lead another,
There have been doubts,
There have been worries,
There have been bad times,
But I keep on going,
Even if I have a second thought,
My soul clings onto the real,
Remembers that He is still there,
Through every hardship,
And empty promises,
Was filled with fulfilled good times,
Fulfilled promises,
And memories,
Every time I stumble,
Every time I trip,
I pray,
I wait,
I listen,
And find hope,
And strength,
Through all that is Him,
Many times in my life,
I have dealt with second thoughts,
Thinking that decisions made,
Were not always the best,
But now I have the faith,
The knowledge,
The hope,
The trust in Him,
Even when I don’t always understand,
That any decision made,
Any path that is taken,
As long as He is in it,
As long as I am honoring His will,
That nothing,
Not time,
Not space,
Not person,
Not things in life,
Will deter me,
Will make me think,
Or believe,
That I should have second thoughts.
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