Ode To Love

Ode to love,
Ode to joy,
Ode to the peace within,
Ode to the beauty that is truly within,
Each and every one of us,
Too many times we are focused,
Too many times we forget to see,
The small simple things in life,
The small simple things in the world,
Things we take for granted,
Things we might not always understand,
But is there within each of us,
Ode to love,
Ode to everlasting joy,
Ode to that fulfillment that comes,
From being with the one you are meant to be with,
From falling into step,
Knowing that this path you take,
Is the one that you are meant to be with,
Ode to love,
Ode to beautiful forever,
Ode to the most wonderful emotion,
The most delightful joy,
That one can experience in one’s life,
Although not always easy,
Although not always without its challenges,
It is the feeling,
The joy,
The emotions,
That you wait your life for,
Wait for your joy for,
Wait and hold onto,
With every single moment,
Every single breathe,
Every single day,
Until the very last,
Ode to love,
Ode to the joy,
The peace,
The rest you feel,
Even through the difficulties,
Even through the harder times,
It is something you can hold to,
Something you can believe in,
Something you can dream,
Something you can imagine,
And something that is true,
If you believe,
And put your heart,
Patience into,
Ode to love,
Ode to the beautiful life,
That comes from a wonderful love,
To that emotion,
Difficult at best,
Hard at the easy,
But worth it to the very end,
It is something we all need,
Something we all crave,
Something we want to put our arms around,
And we hold on tight,
Find things we never felt could be,
Find things we never knew could happen,
And sometimes things we just take a leap,
And give our very depth to,
Ode to love,
Ode to that emotion,
That holds so long,
Into me.
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