When I Leave This Place

When I leave this place,
When I take that last breathe,
When I go on to Heaven,
And I finally get true rest,
When I no longer have to worry,
About this thing or that,
When asthma cannot control me,
When all the suffering comes to an end,
When I stand there in front of Him,
I know that I can stand there,
With having righteousness,
Not from anything I have done,
Anything I have said,
But due to His Son,
And His Forgiveness of my sins,
Of all of this,
Eternity without fear,
Eternity without pain,
Eternity without the sufferings,
Given through this life,
When I leave this place,
When I take that last breathe,
I want to have no regrets,
I want to have total confidence,
That I lived every moment I could,
To the fullest,
That I lived,
And I served,
And I gave,
And I helped,
In every part I could,
That I followed Him,
With every part,
That I am,
Even on the days,
That I might stumble,
And fall,
I know that due to His Grace,
And His hand in my life,
And following His will,
That when it comes to that point,
When I leave this place,
And enter eternity,
That I gave everything I have,
And that my suffering,
Will be over,
And I will cling to that hope,
To that day,
That I have something,
To hold onto,
During those dark hard times,
Until that moment,
When I leave this place.

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