Life Of A Writer

Writers keep weird hours,
Write from their heart,
Write from their soul,
Write until they cannot feel,
Anything in their mind,
Their heart,
Their inner being,
Writers love fully,
Take many chances,
Believe in things with their being,
Wanting to see the world,
Through their words,
Create stories,
Weave words,
Believe in putting things out there,
To the world,
Knowing the hardship,
Knowing the difficulty,
Knowing how to leave everything on the page,
Sees pages as something to fill,
With words of encouragement,
Words of hope,
Words of peace,
Words of love,
Words of emotions,
Words of laughter,
Words of hurt,
Words of pain,
Words they weave,
Again and again,
Until the time stops,
As the world slows down,
They give it their all,
Until there is nothing left,
Until the words fail them,
Writers create the stories,
We hold near and dear,
To the depth of our hearts,
Tell us about beauty,
Of friendship,
Of true heroes,
Of everything in between,
They go through the darkness,
Trying to shine light,
Through the rough of days,
Through the darkness of the world,
Pouring through with the words,
Lighting it one word,
One poem,
One story,
One encouragement,
At a time,
They never stop giving,
Wanting to keep on filling,
Wanting to always be,
Ones to encourage,
Ones to inspire,
Ones to believe,
In the better things,
In those brighter tomorrows,
In that future,
That we cannot always see,
They exist in the being,
Wanting to be,
One word,
One line,
And the word changes,
And the human emotions stay,
And no matter the state of the world,
Writers keep on going,
Knowing the words,
Can help another,
And they keep on weaving,
Weaving those words.
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