Moving Through Life

Moving through life,
Moving through the day,
Moving through the strife,
Knowing somehow it will be okay,
Knowing that hardships are just part,
Part of the journey,
Part of this life,
Through the bumps,
Through the valleys,
But I will continue through,
With strength,
With hope,
With light,
Moving through life,
Moving through the moment,
Moving through this time,
This day,
The good times,
The bad times,
And all in between,
Knowing the work is worth it,
Through the sweat,
Through the tears,
Of happiness,
Of sad,
Of hard times,
Through the frustrations,
Through the liberation's,
Moving through life,
Going through the lightening,
Going through the rain,
Going through that space,
That time,
The joy,
The happiness,
The love through it all,
Moving through life,
Moving sometimes fast,
Sometimes slow,
Sometimes in a trance,
Through it all,
And I keep on going,
Knowing the joy,
That lies ahead,
That is before me,
That is in the path,
As I keep on following,
Trusting the steps,
Through the way,
Knowing what guides me,
Holding fast,
Holding strong,
Holding with all my might,
Standing firm,
Moving through life,
Moving through the moments,
Knowing that I,
Will find the way,
Even when it seems I am lost,
Or distracted,
I know there is a plan,
And moving through this life,
Will get me closer,
To where I belong,
To where I need to be,
Because of Him.
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