Hearts All Tangled Up In Blue

Hearts all tangled up in blue,
As sadness seeps through,
Darkness threatens to come,
To freeze the heart forever,
To freeze hope from its grasp,
To pretend that hurt will always last,
To pretend that there is no hope,
To pretend that all faith is lost,
To pretend all is gone,
Hearts all tangled up in blue,
As the hurt tries to seep through,
Icy cold tears form,
As you think back to the time,
To the time when that person,
The one that mattered so much
In the depth of your heart,
And the depth of your life,
Was there standing beside you,
Was there holding you close,
Was there,
But then gone,
Quickly like lightening,
Hearts all tangled up in blue,
Trying to overcome,
Trying to find,
Trying to seek,
Trying to heal,
Trying to keep believing,
Trying to keep hope.
Even if everything feels like it’s fading,
Hearts all tangled up in blue,
Reaching out,
Waiting for an I love you.
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