Oh It's The Morning

Oh it’s the morning,
The birds are singing,
The sun lights up the sky,
Everything around me wakes up,
As this morning makes starts the day anew,
Yesterday’s troubles,
Yesterday’s strife,
Yesterday’s hurts,
Fade as the last of the darkness,
Ceases to exist,
Tomorrow’s promise,
Tomorrow’s dreams,
Tomorrow’s hopes,
Has not even entered the mind,
Oh it’s the morning,
The animals are busy as well,
As they start their day,
As they tend to their young,
Feed them,
Care for them,
And watch over them,
They rush about,
Going here and there,
As you make your way,
To your destination,
Oh it’s the morning,
And you might be starting your day,
Coming to the end,
Waking up,
Going to bed,
Making love,
Dreaming of a love,
Thinking of the future,
Remembering the past,
Making a promise,
Thinking how it can last,
Oh it’s the morning,
A start of a new day,
What are you going to do?
Do with this gift?
Are you going to bring joy?
Or are you going to bring pain?
Will you think of another?
That could use a shoulder?
Will you reach out your hand?
Or will you turn away?
Oh it’s the morning,
Are you going to make a difference?
Or you going to keep going the way
Where nothing matters to anyone but you?
Will you use this moment,
This day for something true?
Oh it’s the morning,
Where are you?
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