Beaten Path

Some of us walk the popular path,

Wanting to be part of the crowd,

Wanting to be not true to ourselves,

But just want to be accepted,

And loved,

And cared for,

Some of us walk the less traveled path,

Path that is still littered with lines,

And although not as popular,

Still something that is not true,

Or to believe in,

They show one face to some,

And another face to another,

There is than a few others,

That will walk the beaten path,

One that seems to be hidden from others,

In the roughness of nature,

In the hardship of the land,

There are trees,

There is grass,

There is everything,

Just like the other paths,

But the difference here,

Is that it is barely worn,

It is a solidary path,

And existence,

But if you take the side,

And walk down that path,

Something that is not an easy choice,

Something that will be hard,

You may find that although a beaten path,

It is the best path to walk upon,

Through the hardships,

Through the rain,

Through the strength of faith,

You will find that this beaten path,

Is the path of true beauty,

There might be different things,

On those other paths,

But true reward can be found,

If you take the leap,

Take the chance,

And choose,

To walk a beaten path,

Of where rewards beyond,

One can measure,

Can be found,

And you will find,

Yourself a better person,

Than where you left,

When you took the choice,

To walk down the path of less travel,

That looked more worn,

And took the chance on something,

That you couldn’t explain,

And walked that road,

Because you,

You knew its worth,

And you knew,

That you would not be the same,

And you knew you wanted it that way,

And you knew that it was the path,

That was meant for you,

To set upon.

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