When The Stars Collapse

When the stars collapse,

When everything fades,

When everything crashes around us,

I won’t be afraid,

Because you are in my life,

You are my love,

My hope come true,

No matter the season,

The time,

Or the hour,

I will hold onto this,

This hope,

This faith,

This love,

This oneness,

When the stars collapse,

If the sun was to go down forever,

If the waters were to not flow,

If the night never came,

If there was a disaster,

I know I could face it,

Because I would not be alone,

I would be with you,

My true,

My desire,

My prince,

My dream come true,

If the stars were to collapse,

And everything fell,

I know you would be there,

Protecting me,

Loving me,

Cherishing me,

To the very end,

Nothing can change this oneness,

This true love,

No matter the yesterdays,

Today is beautiful,

Today is the truth,

Of a full love,

That was put into being,

That was dreamt of years before,

That has built to this,

And will keep on building,

When the stars collapse,

When darkness comes,

When there is no light,

Or hope of tomorrow,

I will rest safe,

I will rest secure,

I will rest because,

I know you are there,

You are there through it all,

No more fear,

No more regret,

No more insecurity,

No more doubts,

Because you have come,

And come to heal them all,

So if the stars collapse,

If the rain never falls,

Nothing else will matter,

Because you,

My prince,

My true love,

My forever love,

You are the reason,

That keeps me going,

Because I know I can come home,

To your waiting arms,

And feel that oneness we have together.

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