The Holiest Place On The Earth

The holiest place on earth,

The most beautiful place,

The most wonderful place,

Is here in your arms,

In your embrace,

In this moment of love,

Of this love life of forever,

Of the happiness in the joy,

Of the happiness in the dream,

That is true,

That is everlasting,

That is ever holding,

Each and every day,

The holiest place on earth,

Is a place that only we,


Hold onto,

Believe in,


It isn’t just one place,

Or another,

It is where ever we are,

Where we hold,

And stand,

And spend time,

And be,

Is not a physical location,

It is just this,


The holiest place on earth,

Is me with you,

And you with me,

Is this oneness we share,

Is being with each other,

Every moment we can,

Every single day,

Having togetherness,

And making our life,

Making where we are,

The holiest place on earth.

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