Orange Fall Leaves

Orange fall leaves,

Coming down,

From the trees above,

As the fall comes to being,

In this portion of the world,

Leaves changing the colors,

From green,

To red,

To orange,

And eventually brown,

Just as like life changes,

And time comes,

When you have to make hard decisions,

And do not always have the support needed,

Emotions flow,

Heart aches,

As the orange fall leaves,

Fall around me,

Fall around,

And hitting the ground,

As the emotions fall,

Fall down,

To the ground,

As the tears hide,

Not wanting to fall,

Like those leaves,

In that moment,

Orange fall leaves,

Changing moment from moment,

Time from time,

Day by day,

Shaking it off,

Letting it go,

As the leaves fall,

To the ground,

Life does change,

It is not always easy,

But choices have to be made,

One has to be true to themselves,

Even through the hurt,

And the pain,

And the orange leaves fall,

Fall to the ground,

And I pick up one,

Look at it closely,

And let it go,

Moving on,

Letting it go,

Moving from that pain,

From that change,

And let it change,

Change like the season,

To something more beautiful again.

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