Sunlight Through The Trees

Sunlight through the trees,

Warmth through the beautiful light,

Warmth that touches the very depth,

Of my heart and soul,

That touches the very inner being,

Of my life,

Sunlight through the trees,

Reaching to the darkness,

Reaching to the dark rain,

Reaching in to heal,

To give comfort,

To give hope,

To give belief,

To give something to hold onto,

Sunlight through the trees,

Rays that give warmth,

Rays that give comfort,

Rays that give life,

Rays that give us something,

We cannot always put into words,

That we need,

Sunlight through the trees,

Trees giving shade,

Keeping us from too much exposure,

But giving us enough to enjoy,

To live,

To delight,

Sunlight through the trees,

Thank you for reminding me,

Reminding me that even through darkness,

Even through the gloom,

Even through the hardship,

Even through it all,

That we have something to hold onto,

That we have something to believe in,

That we have something to trust in,

That there is happiness,

Even through those valleys,

That the sunlight through the trees,

Will give us that comfort,

We all need.

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