Once Upon A First Christmas

Once upon a first Christmas,

There is a beautiful joy and singing,

There is a beautiful praise and hope,

There is a beautiful picture that is taken,

Under a tree put together by two,

Under a the bright lights,

And the bright love all around,

Beautiful hearts bonded together,

Beautiful joy living in one,

In the one relationship,

In the one beauty,

In the one pair of hearts,

That belongs together,

That is part of each other,

That is there for each other,

Possess in the way of caring,

Possess in the way of joy,

Possess in the way of love,

Possess in the way of concern,

Possess in the way of protective of each other,

Once upon a first Christmas,

There is a way to start the building,

Of a preserving of a wonderful life,

A wonderful love,

A wonderful joy,

That will only grow,

Every single year,

Every single Christmas from this one forth,

Preserving the beauty of the one,

Of the relationship bounded through love,




And happiness,

Once upon a first Christmas,

Dreams are built for the future,

A foundation has been laid upon the priceless love,

That is within each other,

The priceless beauty of being husband and wife,

Something that cannot put forth a number,

Or an item that could compare,

And once upon a first Christmas,

Will be the story of a love,

That started,

That will continue building,

That will bring the beauty of Christmas,

Into both of the hearts of each other,

Through the joy and beauty,

Of belonging to each other.

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