True Excess

This time of the year should be excess of love,

Excess of caring,

Excess of joy,

Excess of praise,

Things that should not be excess at all,

But that we should give to one another,

In prayer and thoughts,

In deeds and actions,

In blessing and happiness,

This time of the year should not be excess of gifts,

Not in the means of how much is spent,

Or in the material best you can buy for someone,

Instead of what you can give from your heart,

Instead of buying huge TVs or toys for a child who has plenty,

Why not buy for those that are in need,

That deals with less yet still be grateful,

Instead of caring how big or better you can get,

Give to someone else that is in need,

It is good to be grateful to what you have,

Forget about what you feel you need,

This is the tome of the year where excess,

Should be given in love,

In joy,

To others beside yourself,

Not about how much items you can buy,

For a family that already has so much,

Give out with a glad heart,

Think deeper than your own flesh,

Think deeper than your material desire,

Think deeper just for once,

This is the season to have true excess,

In things outside of material possessions,

Have excess to love,

To caring,

To giving to others,

To sharing joy,

To be a blessing,

To those who need it,

That is crying out for that desire,

Give in excess,

To those that need it,

Give and you will be blessed,

More than anything else,

Because you will see the difference,

You can make,

Instead of worrying about you and your loved ones,

Take in someone else,

And give them the excess of truth,

Of the love that should be given freely,

Every day.

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