Those Sweet Words

Those sweet words,
Those words that played,
Those words that came,
From your lips,
From that moment,
From that moment in time,
That moment were time stood still,
Where my heart raced,
Like never before,
I heard those words,
The softness as they played,
The romantic melody that eased,
Into my mind that day,
I could listen to those words,
For hours on end,
For days on end,
Until eternity,
Those sweet words,
Those words that play,
Play through this heart,
As it falls in tune,
In tune with yours,
I feel it speak to me,
Feel it to the depth,
To the depth of my being,
Every single moment,
Every single day,
And when you say I love you,
And when you hold my hand,
When you look at me,
My heart melts,
Melts to those words,
Those sweet words,
That simple melody,
Of our hearts singing,
Singing of the love,
The love deep within,
Every day my darling,
It will only grow,
Grow every moment,
In that light,
The light that shines,
Through our eyes,
As those sweet words,
And over,
And over again,
Through every moment,
When I am with you,
When I am alone,
Thinking of you,
When I sleep,
When I dream,
Those sweet words repeat,
Telling me the truth that lies within,
Of how much you love me,
And will love me always,
For eternity.
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