The Key To Success

The key to success is knowing love,
Is knowing Him,
Is knowing beauty,
Is knowing truth,
Is knowing light,
Is knowing when to fight,
When to succeed,
When to keep on going,
When to stop and pause,
When to look around,
When to move ahead,
The key to success is knowing faith,
Faith in the highness of His glory,
Faith in the answer of prayer,
Faith in the salvation that has been given,
Given when we deserve it not,
Faith in blessings,
Even when in disguise,
Faith in knowing,
That He always finds a way,
That He knows what is best,
And even when it is hard,
When it is most challenging,
That is when we need to believe,
Believe even more,
Trust even harder,
Put our life in His hands,
Let Him shape us,
Let Him build us,
Let Him give us,
All that we need,
The key to success,
Is knowing this,
Is believing this,
Is giving our heart,
Our mind,
Our soul,
To this purpose,
And let him mold,
Mold us to His image,
And then we will gain,
That key,
The eternity,
We search for,
The eternity we live for,
The eternity we seek,
When we find that hope,
When we find that faith,
When we grab hold,
To that key to success,
We find the eternity,
We have been waiting for,
For all our life.
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