Isolation No More

Before I met you,
Before you came into my life,
Before I ever knew you,
I was isolated,
Isolated from true beauty,
Isolated from true love,
Isolated from what I feel,
What I see,
What I know,
What I sense,
Whenever I am with you,
I thought I was in love before,
I thought I knew that emotion,
I thought I knew that feeling,
But oh I was so wrong,
I was so wrong to ever believe,
To ever truly grasp,
To ever truly know,
Everything I know,
Everything I feel,
Everything I could ever hope,
Everything I could only see,
When you looked me in my eyes,
And gazed to the very depth of my soul,
It was only then,
It was only at that moment,
That you were the one,
You were what I had been waiting for,
Searching for,
Keep believing to find,
Kept on dreaming,
Kept on knowing would be there,
I love you my darling,
I love you with my full heart,
My full soul,
My every part,
Of this being,
Of what is in my heart,
Is yours to hold,
Is yours to hold forever more,
When you gave me your heart,
Gave me that key,
Gave me the happiness,
I knew than,
And I will know always,
That isolation has deserted me,
It has gone away,
It has left this place,
And in it now,
Is your love,
As it fills my life,
Fills my heart,
Fills my soul,
Forever more.
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