We are connected,
Trees are connected,
The sky is connected,
The sun is connected,
The moon is connected,
The ground is connected,
Everything is connected,
From one place to another,
Through connections you can see,
Connections you can feel,
Connections you imagine,
Connections you believe in,
And every other connection in between,
We are connected,
Even if we might not know it,
Even if we might not show it,
Even if we might not believe it,
Even if we might not desire it,
We are all connected,
Because we are all the same,
And all different,
We all have the same emotions,
But the effects can be as deep as the soil,
Or as high as the sky,
There is no silver thread seen,
At least by our eyes,
But we are connected,
Every part of us,
Every one of us,
Through our cycle,
On this world,
We are connected,
Even when we do not see,
Or believe,
The connection is there,
Deep in our heart,
Deep in our soul,
All it takes is the realization,
That we all need,
We must be able to rely,
On this connection,
In order to truly survive.
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