If Only I

If only it was finally that moment,
If only time would go fast enough,
But yet slow enough to enjoy,
If only I could just walk down that aisle,
To you as you stand there,
On top of those stairs,
If only it was finally true,
The dream,
The wish,
The moment,
When our lives start as one,
When our bond is made,
In the sight of God,
In the sight of our family,
In the sight of our friends,
In the sight of everyone that means,
The world to us,
If only I could take that vow,
That vow of honoring,
Of cherishing,
For the good times,
For the bad times,
No matter what happens in our lives,
For every single day,
To pledge myself to you,
If only it was now,
So I no longer have to wait,
To be yours fully,
To be your wife,
If only I could be,
Be your love always,
Be your bride,
Even though there isn’t much time,
Even though the day will be here soon,
I want to just make that vow,
Speak those words,
Tell the world,
Tell Him,
Tell our friends,
Tell our family that I,
I want to only love you,
Love you for the rest of our lives,
If only I could speak it now,
Speak it fully,
Those beautiful words,
That beautiful vow,
Of loving you,
Cherishing you,
Being your wife,
Forever more,
If only I could do it now.
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