My Priorities

God is my priority,
My faith in Him
To led us in our path is my priority,
Our relationship is my priority,
Even through any difficult moment,
Any difficult time,
Any difficult situation,
Getting through it is my priority,
Loving you every single day,
Regardless of what is going on,
Is my priority,
My commitment to you is my priority,
Everything else is secondary,
Knowing that He brought us together,
Knowing that He must be our center,
Knowing that we need to keep our foundation,
Knowing that we need to work together,
Work to make sure that we,
Put Him,
Than us as a couple a priority,
Everything else
Is secondary,
Even though all these other things,
Can be good in our lives,
Can be helpful in our days,
That’s our priority,
Putting our Faith in Our Lord,
That is our priority,
Things come,
Things go,
Material possessions leave,
Friends may come and go,
But this,
This is our priority,
Because our relationship,
Our foundation must be firm,
Firm in Him,
For the rest of our days,
And loving each other,
Standing there for each other,
Being there for each other,
That is our priority,
Let all other things come to pass,
We will build to make it last,
And that is our priority.
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