Love Grows On Trees

Love grows on trees,
Because it should be given to everyone,
To every person,
For free,
To see the hearts decorate,
To feel that emotions,
In the depth of your heart,
In the depth of your soul,
Money cannot buy true happiness,
But love,
True love,
The love you feel in the depths of your heart,
In the depths of your soul,
In the depths of the eyes,
When you stare close,
When you look deep,
Deep inside the one,
The one you love with all your heart,
All your soul,
All your beauty,
All of everything around you,
Love grows on trees,
Or so it should,
As it is something precious,
Something meaningful,
Something that relies on every person,
To have a heart,
To open that heart,
To give it freely,
As trees give shade,
As trees give us oxygen,
In order to breathe,
Love grows on trees,
Because who needs money,
When love can be free,
Even if the money grew,
It would not create happiness,
It would not change us,
It would not challenge us,
It would not give us something,
To want to strive for,
To want to hope for,
To want to believe in,
That can give us so much joy,
So much sorrow,
So much pain,
So much hardship,
Yet so much happiness,
So much beauty,
That cannot be compared,
Compared to anything in our world,
If love grew on trees,
Perhaps there would be more peace,
Perhaps there would be more happiness,
Perhaps there would be less strife,
Perhaps there would be fewer hardships,
To all those in the world,
If love grew on trees,
Perhaps than we would see,
That the best thing we can hope for,
Believe in,
Put faith in,
Is love,
Love for our neighbor,
Love for our friends,
Love for our family,
Love for everyone around,
Be an example,
Give a helping hand,
Think about others,
And put out that belief,
That there was truly something,
Worth grabbing onto,
If love grew on trees.

Note: Poem Inspired by Image Love Grows on Trees drawn by RadiationDaisey on Deviantart here:
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