Imagine If Just For Today

Imagine if just for today,
That there was no more pain,
That there was no more war,
That there was no more heartache,
That there was no more strife,
That there was no more sadness,
Just imagine,
Even if it was for one day,
What would you do?
If that happened today?
Would you make the most of it?
Would you go up to someone?
Would you tell them how much you appreciate them?
Even if you didn’t know them?
Would you reach out?
Where you are not reaching out now?
Would you tell someone you love them?
From the one you are hiding it from now?
Would you give that chance?
Because you are not afraid,
Of someone hurting you?
Because you are not afraid,
To share those emotions,
Deep within your heart,
Deep within your soul,
Imagine if just for today,
That there were no more difficulties,
That there was no crime,
That there was no hatred,
That there was only love,
That there was only kindness,
That there was only peace,
That there was nothing more,
Than caring,
Imagine it just for today,
That all these things,
Could be a part of your life,
And not be what it is now,
If you can?
If you want?
If it is important,
As it is to so many others?
This world is falling,
There is much darkness everywhere,
We cannot hear the calling,
The calling that wants us,
Wants us to leave the darkness,
And follow the light,
Follow the light to the path,
The path that is waiting for you,
Where you no longer have to imagine,
Just for today,
The peace that can be found,
Found in Him.
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