Surround Yourself

You will surround yourself with
Warmth and riches,
With dreams and happiness,
With laughter and love,
With smiles and joy,
With memories and moments,
You will surround yourself with
Beauty and love,
Dreams that touch the sky,
And touch the inner most part of your heart,
Dreams that touch the inner most part of your soul,
All of this can be yours,
If you do this today,
Surround yourself with these things,
In everything that you do,
Do not let the doubters get you down,
Do not let no to make you stop,
Rejection is everywhere,
Some will never fully understand your vision,
Your hopes,
Your dreams,
Your love that rides inside,
No matter what is going on,
No matter who follows you,
And who leaves you,
Keep this faith,
Keep this hope,
And surround yourself,
Surround yourself with warmth and riches,
Things that is not always tangible,
But deep within your heart,
True warmth and riches are not found,
By money,
By material things,
By things that do not last,
It is found by things that do not have,
A price tag,
That means more than any number,
That someone can find,
So remember this,
You will surround yourself with
Warmth and riches,
If you allow yourself,
The ability to keep the important,
In your heart,
In your soul,
In your mind,
In your life,
Forever more.
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