She Doesn't Belong

Summer memories start to fade,
As the school bell rings,
To start a new year,
Laughter is echoed through the halls,
As she walks through quietly,
She is the one without many friends,
She is the one that people pretend,
That she does not even exist,
She does not even belong,
She holds up her head,
Does not let it get to her,
She knows the truth,
Inside her soul,
The guy she loved was away,
And did not go to the same school,
As she did,
Her best friend was not there,
To help comfort her,
During this time,
She hears the others laughing,
Talking about everything from the summer,
About the memories they shared,
The ones she was not a part of,
Because no one seemed to care,
No one took an interest,
From this lone girl,
And she just wished she was anywhere,
But there,
The bell rings,
She walks quickly to the class,
The bullies now are on their best behavior,
They rather not start something in class,
She sits there listening to the teacher,
Trying to put her mind at ease,
They whisper,
They talk,
They think they know it all,
But they do not realize,
She has a deep heart,
A passionate soul,
Who cares for others,
But they do not see,
They fail to try to understand,
As the last of the summer memories fade,
She holds up her head,
Despite the words she hears,
She will not let them,
Let them get to her,
Not this school year,
Because she knows the truth,
She knows the beginning,
The middle,
And the end,
And she knows that he loves her,
Even if they cannot understand.
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